With the increase of Chinese companies’ assistance programs to other countries, construction technology has also been used in different fields, of which, self drilling anchor bolt is a rather simple and efficient method to support project. It combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, its length can be cut and increased according to your demand. After grouting, slurry is full of drill hole and bonds self drilling anchor bolt with stratum, which can enhance anchoring effect and then support project.

The Sinorock SDA bolt solution is designed for optimized installation, tailored to the project’s needs. By drilling a hole in collapsing soil or loose rock, with a sacrificial drill bit and a hollow rod, and after the drilling operation injecting grout into the hollow rod and surrounding cavity, makes it a top productivity solution.


The application circle below displays the three most important areas and industries where the Sinorock SDA bolt is best utilized

Slope stabilization Is used to stabilise mostly unstable rock/soil formations which are normally benched prior to the installation of the "soil nails". The unconsolidated or weathered ground conditions favour the technique of Self Drilling Hollow Core Anchors (SDA) for the fast and simple method of installation compared to the traditional methods of cased boreholes and inserting of a suitable tendon.

Foundations with micropiles

Sinorock SDA bolt micro piles can be defined as small diameter replacements, drilled piles, composed of injected grout with the Sinorock SDA anchor rod as steel reinforcement to resist the design load. The Sinorock SDA micro piles can be installed in sites with limited headroom, restricted access capability with light drilling equipment which have low noise and vibration and require minimal site preparation.Sinorock SDA can be installed successfully into most ground conditions including rock and is suitable for tension and compression loads. The big advantage is the combined drilling and grouting making high piling outputs possible.