With the amount of new construction happening around the world ,and the use of Self drilling bolts will likely increase with the new,innovative designs.Self drilling bolts are made from a variety of types and grades of steel to suffice for the abundance of applications .

Use of the Sinorock’s self drilling bolt System for the Stabilization of your construction.As an important form of reinforcement in geotechnical engineering, Sinorock self drilling bolt System supporting is safe, effective, and economical, etc.

Self drilling bolts are widely used as an efficient anchoring means, for drilling, grouting and anchoring in tunnel pre-support, slope anchor, mining, roadbed reinforcement and other projects, and they can work well in narrow space. We also provide accessories of drilling tools, like anchor bits, coupling, spherical nuts, plates, and stopper.

Self drilling bolts are an essential part of concrete construction. These are bolts, placed in the concrete with the threaded side up. 

They allow you to secure wall forms or other portions of the construction onto the concrete foundation slab. It’s important when placing rock bolts to place them carefully and accurately, since moving them later will be extremely difficult and will hold up your construction project significantly.

Sinorock is a company that provides self drilling bolts in many different sizes for large or small projects. Their anchor bolts have been used all over the world but the company is located in the China. With their main sales office located in luoyang and fabrication facilities located in luoyang, China, and Sinorock they have the capabilities to supply anyone across the nation with self drilling bolts in the quantity and size that are requested.

Sinorock has some reliable certificates like ISO and CE,so that we can provide customers reliable products.As a experienced self drilling bolt manufacturer,Sinorock adopts the advanced production equipment and strictly quality control system, to ensure that we can provide customers low-cost, and high quality construction materials. We also devote ourselves to provide clients with a one-stop solution for ground anchor.Follow us,and you could know more!