When it comes to Sinorock,self drilling anchor is our feature,top priority is customer service. From local authority public sector long-term piling projects to consumer-based paving projects,Sinorock utilizes the skills of their professional management team and highly skilled - specifically trained Engineers to provide the highest quality workmanship.Sinorock take pride in their attention to detail and are dedicated in the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Sinorock uses its self drilling anchor bar for undertaking a variety of engineering projects such as large-scale piling, Soil & Slope Stabilisation and Culvert Repair.

Sinorock  is probably the largest and most experienced company manufacturing diamond self drilling anchor for mineral exploration , soil investigation and ground engineering in the Asia region today. While it is becoming more viable to drill deeper and larger exploration holes our Sinorock  brands of self drilling anchor bar products are enjoying a surge in popularity.