From restricted access ground anchoring to open field anchoring, the projects range from residential to large scale commercial works.  

Self drilling rock bolt  of Sinorock provide a range of structural benefits, including resisting uplift to transferring external forces to the ground for large structures,such as tunneling,mining,hydroelectric,slope foundation. Our high quality self drilling rock bolt systems also work to stabilise foundations and support structures for excavation, making worksites safer. We work closely with geotechnical engineers to assist with project design and selection of anchor type after consideration of ground conditions, ensuring lasting integrity of all our self drilling anchor systems.

Sinorock  rock bolt system composes a total of six components including the anchor body.They are drill bit, coupler, grout stopper, arch plate, and nut. Grout injection adapters and steel shank can be included in the order upon request. These accessories are essential to the anchor system's overall functionality.Sinorock continues to provide both innovative and cost-effective solutions in rock bolt industry.

The basis of our success is world-wide, long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. More than 50 Sinorock employees strive for a common interest, with inestimable commitment to increasing value; with a strong focus on quality, customer service and innovation. 

We are a socially responsible, environmentally sensitive organization for self drilling rock bolt , which looks beyond the immediate (construction site/project) in order to further develop the wider community.