In case of rock bolts, tighter tolerances translate directly into cost savings.In order to guarantee a clean turned size, we are able to provide a finer machining allowance than our competitors. This not only means that you have less material to machine but also you get a greater number of finished components per tonne of rock bolts that you purchase. 

Self drilling rock bolt palys a significant role in supporting rock mass to prevent deformation and excavation,buildings,roadway,bridges,large equipment are all established on the rock, so the stabilization of rock layer will be extremely important. Self drilling rock bolt system is widely used in foundation reinforcement projects, such as railway, tunnel, mining, hydropower station, dam, bridge base, water bank, high building foundation etc., also widely applied in solving geological disaster, such as foundation subsidence, hole collapse, break, collapse, and landslip etc.

Sinorock acts as a strong partner and manufacturing rock bolt company for the mining, tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support industry, devoted to provide the best products and services to its customers including design, development, production and galvanization with on demand construction installation services and maintenance options.Sinorock takes great pride in making your rock bolts buying simple and fast.