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Construction of River Bay Tunnel WITH Sinorock rock anchors

Le 11 March 2017, 04:36 dans Humeurs 0

Based on engineering geological investigation report, slope stability should be analyzed to determine following design parameters: slope rate of stable slope, slope rate of natural slope, unit weight of each stratum, internal friction angle, cohesive force and compressive resistance, etc. 

Anchorage force is analyzed according to slope stability and determined by sliding force of slope unstable system. So, calculating self drilling rock bolt’s anchorage force, sliding force of slope unstable system should be firstly counted. 

Anchorage body design of self drilling rock bolt is rather complex, which is mainly determined by the particularity of its structure. Anchorage body is composed of self drilling hollow anchor bolt and grouting body. Choice of self drilling rock bolt’s model is based on the size of design anchorage force. Grouting body is formed by injected and agglutinated cement paste.  

After confirmation of grouting parameter, bonding strength between grouting body and anchor bolt, shearing strength between grouting body and hole wall are determined by rock character. Generally, broken stratum, sand and gravel’s grouting, self drilling rock bolt’s bonding strength and hole wall’s shearing strength is higher than sand and soft clay. 

In the construction process of the River Bay Tunnel exit , the first is to design the big pipe-shed according to the drawing, using the DTH Drill with superior performance, high efficiency, and large drilling capacity and with an eccentric drill bit. But in the actual operation, the maximum drilling depth is less than 3m. The main factor is sticking, resulting in deviating from the design direction in the construction. Big pipe-shed advanced support scheme was thus stranded. After the analysis of above reasons, considering the features of self drilling rock anchor, the contractor decided to use the 4m R25N rock anchor for short pipe-shed advanced construction. Self drilling rock anchor has the following advantages for advanced support:

(1) Self drilling rock anchor and drill rod can be merged into one, with a small diameter drill bit and without eccentric block. It’s easy to drill;

(2) Drilling the hole directly, no need to be pulled out and no collapse and blockage  phenomenon;

(3) The anchor bar is hollow, which can be effectively grouting and bear large load, ensuring the grouting diffusion radius and the anchoring effect of surrounding rocks;

(4) The pipe-shed is short and easy to install, easy to operate, and can work at multi-points simultaneously.

Self drilling rock bolt of Sinorock palys a significant role in supporting rock

Le 16 December 2016, 10:06 dans Humeurs 0

In case of rock bolts, tighter tolerances translate directly into cost savings.In order to guarantee a clean turned size, we are able to provide a finer machining allowance than our competitors. This not only means that you have less material to machine but also you get a greater number of finished components per tonne of rock bolts that you purchase. 

Self drilling rock bolt palys a significant role in supporting rock mass to prevent deformation and excavation,buildings,roadway,bridges,large equipment are all established on the rock, so the stabilization of rock layer will be extremely important. Self drilling rock bolt system is widely used in foundation reinforcement projects, such as railway, tunnel, mining, hydropower station, dam, bridge base, water bank, high building foundation etc., also widely applied in solving geological disaster, such as foundation subsidence, hole collapse, break, collapse, and landslip etc.

Sinorock acts as a strong partner and manufacturing rock bolt company for the mining, tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support industry, devoted to provide the best products and services to its customers including design, development, production and galvanization with on demand construction installation services and maintenance options.Sinorock takes great pride in making your rock bolts buying simple and fast.


It is suggested to choose Sinorock self drilling rock anchor in Complex geological conditions

Le 20 October 2016, 11:39 dans Humeurs 0

Complex geological conditions became a major test for constructions nowadays. To ensure the smooth progress of the project, it is suggested to choose Sinorock self drilling rock anchor and also choose different drill bits according kinds of geological conditions, which can play the role of supporting broken rocks and firming foundations.

The advantages of self-drilling anchors’ unify of drilling, grouting and anchoring can be seen under the condition of loose rocks. Also the application of self-drilling anchor bars can prevent the accidents that flagstones caused when strengthen structures. And self-drilling anchor can simplify construction procedure and improve working efficiency. 

Sinorock self drilling anchor products are found in some of the most remarkable structures in the world-many of which are built in seismic zones or face hurricane-force wind-and the company offers the widest range of support services in the construction industry. 


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