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Self drilling rock bolt of Sinorock palys a significant role in supporting rock

Le 16 décembre 2016, 10:06 dans Humeurs 0

In case of rock bolts, tighter tolerances translate directly into cost savings.In order to guarantee a clean turned size, we are able to provide a finer machining allowance than our competitors. This not only means that you have less material to machine but also you get a greater number of finished components per tonne of rock bolts that you purchase. 

Self drilling rock bolt palys a significant role in supporting rock mass to prevent deformation and excavation,buildings,roadway,bridges,large equipment are all established on the rock, so the stabilization of rock layer will be extremely important. Self drilling rock bolt system is widely used in foundation reinforcement projects, such as railway, tunnel, mining, hydropower station, dam, bridge base, water bank, high building foundation etc., also widely applied in solving geological disaster, such as foundation subsidence, hole collapse, break, collapse, and landslip etc.

Sinorock acts as a strong partner and manufacturing rock bolt company for the mining, tunneling,slope stabilization and foundation support industry, devoted to provide the best products and services to its customers including design, development, production and galvanization with on demand construction installation services and maintenance options.Sinorock takes great pride in making your rock bolts buying simple and fast.


It is suggested to choose Sinorock self drilling rock anchor in Complex geological conditions

Le 20 octobre 2016, 11:39 dans Humeurs 0

Complex geological conditions became a major test for constructions nowadays. To ensure the smooth progress of the project, it is suggested to choose Sinorock self drilling rock anchor and also choose different drill bits according kinds of geological conditions, which can play the role of supporting broken rocks and firming foundations.

The advantages of self-drilling anchors’ unify of drilling, grouting and anchoring can be seen under the condition of loose rocks. Also the application of self-drilling anchor bars can prevent the accidents that flagstones caused when strengthen structures. And self-drilling anchor can simplify construction procedure and improve working efficiency. 

Sinorock self drilling anchor products are found in some of the most remarkable structures in the world-many of which are built in seismic zones or face hurricane-force wind-and the company offers the widest range of support services in the construction industry. 


Sinorock has strict material inspections for producing high quality anchor bolt system

Le 18 septembre 2016, 10:59 dans Humeurs 0

Sinorock, the most professional supplier in the geotechnical engineering and construction industries. We are eager to be the international leading anchor bolt manufacturer and supply a comprehensive range of anchoring system.

Except the main products: self drilling anchor bolt, anti-corrosion rock bolt,Sinorock also develops some related products, such as rock drill, anchor net, injection pump and so on. 

The products in Sinorock is powerful, reliable, excellent, professional and creative. They have the advantages of adapting to different rock conditions.

1.The self drilling anchor bolt is integrated with the functions of drilling, grouting and anchoring, it can ensure the anchoring for complex ground conditions.

2.The anti-corrosion rock bolt includes hot-dip galvanizing anchor bolt and stainless steel anchor bolt, they have the surfaces of good anti-corrosion materials and can prevent the chemical etching and rusting.

3.Rock drill, anchor net and injection pump are the complementary products which are combined with the anchor bolt and have better supporting effort.

If Sinorock want to be the leading anchor bolt manufacturer, the moment products are far from the times’ demands, what we should do is to improve our system, research and develop new technology, and perfect our service. Where there is faith, there is a way.

For improving the competitive power, Sinorock focuses on every detail to assure that their products are high quality anchor bolt systems.

To produce high quality anchor bolt system, the raw and processed material is one of the most important parts. Sinorock has a series of strict inspections for their raw materials when purchasing into their factory.

First, when purchasing agents buy seamless steel tubes back, godown keeper will check the material first, and purchasing agents fill in the arrival notice.

After seamless steel tubes are put in storage, inspectors will check the quality certificate of seamless steel tubes and steel rods.

Then, inspectors will sample and inspect these seamless steel tubes for these aspects: 

Surface and straightness. Check if the surface is smooth without burr fins, flaws or rubber adhesion. The sampling ratio is 50%.

Physical dimension. Measure external diameter, wall thickness and length with vernier calipers, wall thickness micrometer gauges and band tapes.

Mechanical property. Measure the extensibility and tensile strength with computer screen display hydraulic pull test machine.

The result of these measures should be filled in the arrival notice of seamless steel tubes. Only these tubes that are qualified can be put in storage.

In Sinorock, we have strict material inspections for producing high quality anchor bolt system.



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